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The pizzeria that comes to you for all your events


Toucan Plaza is not a restaurant.

It's a small mobile pizza company that will bring

the flavours of Italy to your next event !

Whether you're seeking a quick lunch, a delightful dinner with friends, or even catering for your special event, Toucan Plaza is here to serve up slices of happiness.


From Algarve to Alentejo, our skilled pizza makers come to you to prepare delicious pizzas in front of your guests. Each dough ball is hand-stretch, then baked at 400°C for around 90 seconds in order to achieve the perfect texture : a light, airy crust that’s simultaneously crisp and chewy.

Our menu is a culinary journey through Italy's finest flavours, curated with a modern twist. From the classic Margherita, to some innovative combinations - each pizza is a masterpiece.


From the dough to the ingredients, everything is prepared

by hand with seasonnal products.


" So frankly hats off! Very understanding and flexible team. Great atmosphere, great decor, excellent pizzas that were unanimous. Maia and Julien are invested, very friendly, very warm, very good at what they do. We made pizzas for 70 people and it was amazing. The prices are average, but the team does not count and gives everything for the evening . I felt confident throughout the event. We had a great time and our guests too.
I highly recommend! We all want to eat again and spend time with this very cool team.
Be well and long life to you!! »
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